Monthly Agreement


Monthly parking agreements on a month-to-month basis and may only be terminated on the first day of a calendar month, unless otherwise mutually agreed to by operator and customer. In no event will customer be entitled to a refund of prepaid rental where such termination is initiated by customer and is effective on the date prior to the first day of any calendar month. VALUABLE ARTICLES LEFT IN VEHICLES ARE AT CUSTOMERS SOLE RISK. The operator assumes no liability for fire, theft, or damage in any case except where such loss is occasioned by negligence of the operator.

Ingress and egress will require the possession of PARKING HANG TAG. Replacement of hang tag that are damaged or lost will require a $25 fee paid upon re-issue. Monthly parking tenants must display their hang tag to enter and exit the parking lot ALL TIMES or they will be subject to pay the prevailing daily rate without refund or it can be subject of getting their vehicle Booted or Towed at owner expense. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS POLICY. Parking Permit entitle the customer to park Monday thru Friday, this permit does not include Special Event and or nights and weekend during Special events. No allowances will be made if the car in not parked, nor will the hangtag holder authorize another person to park is one’s absence. The hangtag is to be used solely by the undersigned. Customer agrees to pay by the 1st of every month to avoid late penalty charge of 5 % late fee. The Operator reserves the right to increase the monthly fee at any time, at operator’s sole discretion.

This agreement is made by and between customer and UNITED PARKING SYSTEM, (OPERATOR), its legal representative, heirs and assigns and customer agrees that no third party will be held liable for the performance of any other terms of this Agreement except where it is otherwise provided by law.

Payments shall be made to the following:

United Parking System, Inc:
P.O. BOX 4343
West Palm Beach, FL 33402

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