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Unlock a World of Premium Parking Services with United Parking Systems

• Our various parking facilities provide parking options either indoors or outdoors for your vehicle. • We offer adaptable pricing plans for our parking services, providing hourly rates for brief periods and daily rates for extended stays. • We provide monthly and long-term parking alternatives to accommodate those requiring prolonged parking arrangements, such as employees of local’s businesses and daily commuters. • We offer a range of payment choices to suit your needs, including but not limited to cash, credit/debit cards, and mobile payment applications. • Our parking amenities are conveniently located in downtown districts, allowing for quick access to popular and desirable destinations. We prioritize accessibility and convenience by providing well-indicated parking zones, coherent signs, and accessible entry and exit points. • Additional Facilities: Besides providing parking, we also furnish other amenities comprising car cleaning services and shuttle conveyance to neighboring destinations. • We provide professional valet services for, Country Clubs, Restaurants, private events and more. Our Licensed and insured valet operation is at your disposal to provide outstanding service.

Parking Availability

Our parking facilities are located conveniently in the center of downtown West Palm Beach, Delray Beach and Ft Lauderdale. Our focus is to provide excellent automobile parking facilities. We pride ourselves on providing well-delineated parking lots, open-air or enclosed parking areas, and easily accessible locations close to popular destinations –all to make the search and use of parking spaces straightforward and effortless.

Valet Parking

We offer professional valet services for, Country Clubs, restaurants, private events and more. Our team is well trained and proficient in handling your vehicle ensuring a smooth parking experience. Whether attending an event, exploring a bustling location, or desiring a touch of opulence, our valet parking service is tailored to cater to your needs.

Hourly/ Daily Rates

United Parking Systems provides adaptable pricing alternatives that cater to your parking requirements. Our range of hourly and daily rates empowers you with the flexibility to select the duration of stay that best fits your schedule.

Monthly/ Long-Term Parking

We extend our parking services to those who require prolonged parking arrangements, such as commuters or city dwellers, by offering monthly and long-term options. Contact us directly for further information regarding our pricing and availability

Parking Enforcement

Ensuring Order and Compliance: United Parking System’s Proactive Parking Enforcement Solutions!

United Parking Systems prioritizes parking enforcement to guarantee everyone a secure and well-organized parking area. Our committed personnel and state-of-the-art technologies allow us to sustain proficient parking enforcement. The following information is imperative for your knowledge:

The enforcement of parking policies and guidelines is imperative to promote equity and organization. 

Hence, we meticulously ensure that parking durations, assigned parking zones, and any explicit prohibitions are dutifully enforced. Our highly trained parking enforcement officers conduct regular patrols to monitor parking areas and ensure adherence to regulations. Our consistent surveillance discourages unsanctioned parking, promoting a seamless flow of traffic.

Our advanced technology, including surveillance cameras and systems capable of recognizing license plates, allows us to promptly and accurately detect parking violations. This enables us to take swift and appropriate actions.

Our enforcement officers issue parking citations as required in case of parking violations, and vehicles may be towed for repeated or serious infractions. This measure ensures adherence to parking regulations and adequate parking spaces.

Our organization acknowledges that errors can occur, and we have implemented a customer support framework to deal with any queries or disagreements regarding parking infractions.
At United Parking Systems, our primary focus is implementing efficient parking enforcement measures to guarantee a secure and structured parking experience. We strive to strike a balance between effective enforcement practices and customer support, with the ultimate aim of fostering a favorable parking atmosphere for our esteemed clientele.